School Messenger Communicate

School Messenger Communicate

The School District of Lee County is moving to a new platform to share important information from your child’s school and the district. SchoolMessenger Communicate enables us to send you emergency broadcasts, attendance alerts and event reminders. In addition, a companion app allows teachers and parents to directly communicate with each other, individually or in groups.

SchoolMessenger Communicate replaces our system currently known as Parentlink, but works very much the same way.

To sign up for your free account and download the app, visit Once you have an account, you can set your communication preferences for school calls, emails, texts and more. We have also placed a detailed user guide on our website

SchoolMessenger Communicate is an easy way for us to keep in touch with you, and provide information you need to know about your child’s education.

Why is my school asking me to okay receiving telephone calls or text messages?

Under a federal law designed to protect consumers, we have to get your permission to send nonemergency messages to a mobile phone by automated voice call or SMS text. It’s also just a good idea, so that we’re sure the message is going to the right phone number for the right person. This permission is needed only for automated voice calls and texts. Permission is not necessary for other calls from the school, like you might get directly from a teacher, principal, or other staff member.

I have never been asked about phone calls before. Is this new?

While it is not completely new, the rules were recently updated to make it clear that we need the recipient’s okay to send non-emergency automated phone notifications, as well as SMS text messages, to a mobile phone number. To comply with the law contact information must be current.

What if there is an emergency?

In an emergency, we will call or text you as long as we have your contact information on file. The law has an exception for calls made for “emergency purposes,” which is usually a situation affecting the health and safety of consumers. What if I change my mind about phone calls, or change my mobile number? You can opt out of non-emergency calls and text messages at any time. For voice calls, we will provide instructions on how to use touch-tones on your phone keypad to stop receiving calls. For text messages, you can stop receiving them by texting “UNSUBSCRIBE” or “STOP” after receiving a text from us.

Can I be contacted in other ways, too?

Yes. We can contact you, if you would like, by email. Email is covered by a different set of rules than the permission required for automated voice calls and text messages to mobile phones.

My school says it uses the SchoolMessenger app. What is it?

The SchoolMessenger app is a free web and mobile app that gives you access to school notifications of all types (text messages, voice and email) inside a single inbox. You can also change your contact preferences and adjust contact numbers in the web app, available from any Internet-enabled device.

How do I sign up for the SchoolMessenger app and provide permission?

The easiest way is to visit the SchoolMessenger app website at Create an account by clicking “Sign Up” on the top right menu, using the email address that you have provided to the school. You can choose how you want to be contacted based on the category of message (from emergencies to school activities) and provide contact permission. You will also be able to listen to and read messages from the school for the previous 30 days so you do not miss a thing, including alerts, notifications and attachments. You can also sign back in to change your preferences at any time.

What if I want to use the SchoolMessenger mobile app?

You will find the SchoolMessenger app in the Apple iOS Store or Google Android Play Store. If you have already created an account, you simply have to log in. If you have not, Click the “Sign Up” button, enter your email address, and create a password. An email will be sent to that address with a secure token. If you receive a “This email is already registered” error message, which means you have already created a SchoolMessenger account via another SchoolMessenger product. Simply follow the “Return to login” link and login. Use the “Forgot your password” link if needed.

Will the SchoolMessenger app notify me if there is new information?

You can opt in to receiving Device (or push) Notifications under Notification Preferences. When you choose to receive Device Notifications, a badge or alert will appear when new communications are available in your SchoolMessenger app inbox.

How private is the information in the SchoolMessenger app?

West, the trusted provider of SchoolMessenger is one of more than 200 organizations that has signed the Student Privacy Pledge ( The Pledge spells out a dozen commitments related to the protection and responsible use of student data. You can rest assured that your student’s information is secure and will never be sold, rented, or shared. Signatories to this pledge can be held legally responsible for actions or practices that do not conform to it.

Who should I contact if I have more questions?

Please contact us at the school offices if you need any more information.